Monday, January 30, 2012

I Am Blessed...

This weekend, I spent LOTS of time with some of my favorite little peeps. Saturday was my youngest nephew Harrison’s 4th birthday, and I joined my sister and her family to help celebrate the joy that is Harrison.

I had a blast watching that energetic, hyped up little boy run around the house. We shared my frozen Mountain Dew, which might have helped contribute to the hyper activity now that I think of it. OOPS! We played Legos and did some car crash testing with his new cars (HA!). We all went to Taco Bell (Harrison’s expensive dinner choice) for his birthday meal and then had yummy chocolate cake together afterwards. On Sunday, we had a BIG birthday party with lots of friends and family gathered together. It was awesome!

I came home last night pretty exhausted from my full weekend, but it was worth it. And today, I woke up feeling quite blessed.

I’m not a Mom myself, and I think those chances for motherhood are slipping past me. And I’m not being negative when I say that. I’m being real and honest. The clock is ticking after all. 

But while I’m not a mother, I am an aunt, and I love that role. I love spending time with any of my 5 nieces and 4 nephews! I love those precious moments! I’ve watched them develop from infancy to where they are now…
  • one is married and living in another state
  • one is getting ready to graduate high school and head to college
  • one is more than ready to get a driver’s license
  • one is singing in the school choir and trying not to be too boy-crazy
  • one is in junior high and psyched to be a teenager now
  • two are in the third grade - one is into fashion; the other is into Legos
  • one is in kindergarten and starting to read
  • one is getting ready for preschool and loves all things Darth Vader (Harrison).

Yes, I’m blessed to have such amazing “little people”** in my life. I have the opportunity to get the youngest ones hyped up on sugar and then send them back to their parents. I get to have fun with them and spoil them in my own way. I get to bond with them and hear their dreams as they share their hearts with me. I’m very fortunate. Thank you, LORD!

**DISCLAIMER: I probably need to stop calling them “little people.” I’ve been passed in height by 5 of them now, and the other 4 (all under 10 years old) are not far behind. YIKES! It’s rather sad that I am the height target they are all shooting for, which at just over 5 feet is not much of a goal. HA!

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